Artist statement

My work relates to the idea of memory and fantasy through the expression of concealed inclination, daydreams and fears. They include my interpretation of boyhood and immatureness into fetishism that I have personally experienced and have longed for. The creative practice is therapeutic in provoking taboos and peeping the issue of voyeurism through the attitude of outsider-art.

My practice consists mainly of drawings with watercolor paint. Occasionally I appropriate my images by printing in large scale in order to install them in a space.

2016 @ Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Catastrophe, humiliation, physical abuse and tragedy are inevitable states.

Although this notion may seem embarrassing, unpleasant, or even violent, it can also give rise to voyeuristic gazing with pleasure from the collective unconsciousness. i.e. it is deeply linked with the feeling of relief at the fact that heinous acts are remote from us. For me, this is usually a bizarre notion and feels as though I am daydreaming: a chaotic mixture of social stigma and individual trauma, inherited and experienced by both culture and individuals in both virtual and real space.

2014 @ Chelsea College of Arts, London

In my current works, I often convey tabooed human fetish via fake naivety.

My works describe this concealed inclination and its deficiency, the boundary between what is abnormal behaviour or longing, and the questioning of the social conditions that dictate what is proper and what is not. Under certain conditions, human yearning; including perversion, violence, and dominance is nothing more than natural.

Thus we realise the voyeuristic male gazing and power play are immensely imbedded in the human society. After all, we are all craving for escaping the scrutiny of social morality.

2012 @ Korean National University of Arts, Seoul